Welcome to my Real Estate blog!

Hey everyone, my name is Christy and this is my real estate blog! I have been a real estate agent in London for 10 years now, and after reading some similar blogs that helped me to figure some stuff out I thought I would return the favour and bring my skills to everyone online. I am en expert in mortgages, lines of credit, homeowners insurance, rental property listings and so much more. Hopefully after reading my blog for awhile you will be an expert in some of these topics as well. Maybe I can even use this as a platform for some or my own real estate idea; I graduated with a doctorate of economics from UC Berkeley before moving to London so I might be able to give you some good reads about economics in the world.

Like I said, I have lots of experience in many different aspect of real estate, so if you guys have any questions then please let me now by a direct message or leave a comment for me below. Hope to see you again soon!