Luxury but Green condos

Condominiums may not seem it at first, but are the greenest way for us to live. If you think about it, it’s obvious! Multi residences under one roof are bound to be more eco – friendly as they share many things that cause CO2 emissions. A single structure, shared utilities and appliances are all good news for the environment. For example, if you build a condo unit you have shared walls and insulation, something you don’t have with building your own, standalone house. Also, shared utilities are obviously an advantage when saving energy. For example, hot water being shared by showers and taps, in multiple units, obviously leads to less energy consumption. Solar panels can be shared, insulation materials are shared, and the list goes on. In a nutshell,  condo blocks, or multiple unit homes, maximize the efficient use of building materials and power, which single houses simply cannot.

Another plus of shared condo blocks is that they maximize the use of space. Shared outdoor areas can be utilized purely because the developers are building upwards and not outwards. Large, green park and play areas can be added with trees and whatever else will make condo living spaces more eco friendly. This is only possible because multiple unit condos have a much smaller footprint than normal housing.

Condo developments by their very nature are green developments for the reasons outlined above. As general concern for the environment has escalated, so has the demand for condos. Developers are always looking for new innovation to make their condos stand out from the crowd regarding  their carbon footprint.

Whether we approve or not, urban dwelling is here to stay due to logistics of it’s occupants. However, current developers are doing a great job in helping with environmental issues.

Eco Friendly