Home Owners Association Horror Stories

Hey people, Christy here again with my inaugural post for my real estate blog. As I mentioned last time, I grew up in America (land of the free) and as such I had to deal with homeowners associations (HOA). For those of you who don’t know what a homeowners association is, it is pretty much a group of people who say what you can and can’t do regarding your property. These can be simple and harmless requests, like not leaving trash all over your yard to a more extensive requests such as having to paint your house the same color as everyone else’s and at the same time. Now I have dealt with some pretty insane homeowner associations over the years, I even had to get a restraining order against the leader of my associations in Louisville after I found her hiding in my backyard with a tape recorder. Some stories however, are just plain wrong.

The worst thing I ever had a homeowners association threaten me about was actually my marital status. This was after I had graduated university and had gotten myself a good job outside Sacramento with a big real estate firm out there. The firm helped me acquire financing for a house in a very nice suburb that was full of your traditional families that I, as a single woman did not fit into. It was only one week after moving in that I got threatening letters from the leader of the association asking me to reconsider my decision. I later found out that the family I bought the house from was pushed out as they were a gay couple. Luckily with the help of that couple we took the organization to court and won, but these associations are all over America with similar rules. Take care out there everyone, see you next week.home owners association