Artificial Grass

Hello you fabulous people, Christy here again with an exciting real estate post for my blog. I really hope you are all enjoying reading this as much I as enjoy writing it, The other day I sold a house thanks to some used artificial grass that I bought from I can’t believe how easy it was to install it and how beautiful it looked after we had it installed in both yards. You may be wondering why I used artificial turf, which is a good question. Companies will sell any of their leftover grass they bought after renovating for very cheap, and as it was usually bought in bulk so you get a big discount from what you would pay in store. With many uses, it’s a great idea to install some artificial grass around your property to sell it for a higher price.


artificial grass

How does this increase the value?

A recent study shows us that the best time to list a house on the market is in May, and the reason should be pretty obvious. May is when the grass sprouts a new, and you get that nice rich green lawn. But if your lawn is already a disaster zone, then seeds and fertilizer may not work in time. The best way to fix this issue is to rip up the grass and install artificial grass. This may seem like a big expense and a lot of work, but the added value from your listing will more than make up for it.  You can find cheap fertilizer for sale at

Why would someone want this?

Plenty of first time home owners as well as empty nesters looking to downsize are concerned about the amount of work required to keep a lawn looking fresh. By installing artificial grass and talking with potential clients about this choice, you can explain that it will save them money on watering and on general lawn care. Artificial turf can also make it easier for potential buyer to deal with a homeowners association as the grass will be whatever height it is cut to.

How does it improve the lawn?

There are a multitude of things that you can do to make your house look good from a street view perspective, and the lawn plays a big role in most of them. You can have pretty hanging flowers all over your patio, fresh paint on the garage or even a newly shingled roof, but the thing that most people notice is the lawn. Between the constant watering (which can be even harder in counties with water conservation by-laws) and the mowing, it can seem like you are selling your own home. You don’t have to worry about these things with artificial turf, and the lawn will always look its best.

Landscaping and Fake Grass

If you have one, curb appeal will always start with your lawn and the rest of the foliage around your house. If you install fake grass make sure to also remove all dead or dying plants in the area. Remove all old or dead plants around the patio and walkway areas, and add new flowers/herb plants where it fits. This will all help to freshen up the look of your house and make it stand out among the other listings. This is also very helpful for first time homeowners who have no budget for landscaping after the purchase.


fake grass

Avoiding Pests

Faux grass can also make help to deter beetles and other harmful insects to your house. Many insects require some vegetation to live and thrive, so the lack of that vegetation inbetween your house and the next can make them move on from yours. If you have no bugs, you will not have larger pests such as racoons and crows in your lawn. You will also get less mosquitos in the wet seasons, as the fake grass drains extremely well and the water will not be able to pool meaning less eggs.

Can it work in my lawn?

I have seen fake grass installed in large and small properties, both in rural and urban locations. If you or your kids enjoy playing sports, it’s very easy to install a putting green, bouche pit or even a small pitch of astroturf if you so desire. You can also have trees or shrubs on the property, either in small patches of dirt/wood chipping or installed with an inlay through the artificial grass. The opportunities are really endless when you are dealing with artificial turf.

That’s my little inside tips regarding artificial grass boosting the value of your listing, I hope this has helped some of you.  Because as you can see it really can help to increase the value of a household, and it’s a quick and easy fix that the newcomers to the house will love.  You never know what you can find on! 

Until next time, Merry Christmas.


Selling your house Privatelly

Hello all you lovely people, it’s Christy here again with another interesting real estate post for you. I’m sure you are all familiar with real estate listings, you see them all over town on buses, benches, telephone poles and everywhere online now as well. If you look closely at most of these listings, the first thing they will tell you is if the listing is being sold privately or with a listing company. Privately sold properties are not inherently different than ones sold publicly with a listings agent, but they are dealt with slightly different and the bargaining process can sometimes be very different. With a privately sold property, there is no commission to be payed out so the seller can look to out more money in their pocket, and as such the listing price will sometimes be lower. Let’s say you sell a house for $500,000 and pay an agent 3% commission, you will get a maximum of $485,000 after paying the agent. If you sell it privately however, you can sell for slightly less ($490,000) but keep more of the money.

For someone with a bit of experience in the real estate business and a decent amount of time on their hands, private listings can be extremely beneficial. Likewise, as a buyer if you have the time to look through private listings and meet with the current owners then you can save yourself a good chunk of change. If buying privately you must be more aware of homeowner traps as they are called however. Private listings are notorious for needing inspections, and the owner can easily refuse an inspection as there is no middle man to ensure things go smoothly. At any rate, private listings are a great way to learn more about real estate. See you guys next time, happy house hunting!

house for sale by owner